TechGuard Team Garners Earned Value Management Professional Credential

As the Federal government calls for cost-containment and fiscal discipline on projects, TechGuard answers the call with Earned Value Management (EVM) to deliver government projects on time and on/under budget.

ST. LOUIS – March 26, 2012 – TechGuard Security®, a provider of proven technologies and services that protect critical networks from cyber attack, today announced the certification of the TechGuard management team as Earned Value Management Professionals (EVMP).

TechGuard believes that to improve project performance, a manager must first understand how to measure the cost, schedule and technical objectives and assess risk effectively. Within the Federal market space, earned value management systems (EVMS) are becoming an expected tool for project managers seeking to stay on budget and on time.

EVM is a process that helps managers:

  • Understand the overall health of their project by planning the work, establishing a Performance Baseline, determining a realistic Estimate At Completion (EAC), and then working to the plan
  • Give their project team members more reliable information to make better decisions
  • Identify project risks
  • Predict issues/concerns upfront so that mitigation plans can be put into place that help reduce or eliminate impacts to the project

EVM translates into more effective and efficient use of taxpayer funds, and having a certified EVMP management team ensures that EVM is integrated throughout the TechGuard enterprise.