2019 St. Louis Vistage Executive Summit

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TechGuard was honored to be a Platinum Sponsor at the 2019 St. Louis Vistage Executive Summit that took place on October 10th. Our CEO/President, Carla Stone was on the panel for the General Session|Welcome. In addition, she presented “Sitting On A Pile of Dynamite” as one of the afternoon breakout sessions with our Cybersecurity Expert, Grant Codak. This engaging session was a real eyeopener to some of the risks business owners are exposing themselves to and what they can do to mitigate them. Here is a summary of our afternoon session.

Sitting On a Pile of Dynamite

The next email your employee opens could cost you more than you’ll ever pay them. Ninety-four percent of companies hit by malware, ransom attacks and other cyber maladies did so by opening an email that looked innocent, familiar and safe. Every email that your team receives is a potential stick of dynamite and opening the wrong one is like striking a match to the fuse. Innocuous and public aspects of your information can be combined for use with malicious intent in mind. A typical email is an engraved invitation for cybercriminals to have their way with your system, and ultimately your enterprise through a personalized phishing attack that looks completely legit. In this session you’ll learn how to protect the value of all your data including personally identifiable information (PII) as well as:

  • Learn the surprising information you’re failing to protect.
  • Gain insight on how to prevent catastrophic loss (cyber insurance policies have many exceptions and exclusions) from cybersecurity experts who have served the government and military for years.
  • Leave your enterprise safer than the one you left this morning.

Would You Like To Learn More?

If you were unable to attend but curious how to gain access to this presentation or if you were present and would like to have one of our Phishing Guides, provide us your contact information and we will be happy to help!

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What is Vistage and How Do I Become a Member?

Are you familiar with Vistage? Vistage is a group for business executives that provides coaching and thought leadership to challenge businesses to grow.

“Executive coaching alone can’t compete with Vistage’s proven approach to leadership development.  No one else offers a more comprehensive method for making better decisions, getting better results and becoming a better leader. Our comprehensive platform for success features three core elements: valuable perspectives from a trusted group of peers, professional guidance from an accomplished business leader (Chair), and deep insights from subject matter experts. It’s a proven approach that helps member companies grow 2.2x faster than non-member companies of similar size. For more than 60 years, top executives and owners of small and midsized businesses have relied on our unique coaching model to be better leaders, make better decisions and get better results.”

Having this type of support from leaders of similar company sizes who are not competing with your business will be extremely beneficial. Visit the Vistage site to learn more.