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Managers have a responsibility to reinforce the importance of physical security in the office to keep data secure, and how to avoid theft and misuse...

This module for executives covers methods for keeping physical records secure, secure record destruction, encryption and building access. 10:17 minutes

This module walks learners through common data retention plans, data types typically subject to data retention policies and secure data disposal considerations. 4:32 minutes

This module reinforces the importance of secure data-disposal methods and shares best practices for disposal of sensitive data. 2:17 minutes

This module teaches learners how to avoid falling victim to malware. 1:46 minutes

This brief video covers the appropriate methods for installing and licensing software. 2:00 minutes

In less than 60 seconds, this module covers how to legally use products of creative software. 0:58 minutes

This video covers the basics of US copyright and trademark laws. 1:45 minutes

This module covers important intellectual property protection mechanisms (patents, trademarks, and copyrights) and how they apply to various types of products, including software and digital...

This video details the threats antivirus software can and cannot mitigate. 0:47 minutes

This module covers the importance of regular software patches and updates, and also details how to avoid malicious updates from untrusted sources. 1:39 minutes

Managing the devices and other hardware assets that exist within an environment is never an easy task. We’ll look at best practices such as the...

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