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This module emphasizes the importance of data backup and recovery. 1:13 minutes

This micro-learning module emphasizes the importance of locking your screens. 0:35 minutes

This video explains what shoulder surfing is and emphasizes the importance of situational awareness when entering sensitive information in public settings. 1:16 minutes

This video explains the risks of tailgating, or when hackers gain physical access to restricted areas. It also details physical security best practices for your...

This short, one-minute video outlines the risks improperly disposed printed material, technology and removable media can pose to an organization. 1:03 minutes

Why you should use lock screens on your devices. 1:00 minutes

This mini movie covers the consequences of failing to shred, burn, or properly dispose of sensitive physical documents. 1:00 minutes

This video covers the risks of carrying out business outside of your facility. 1:00 minutes

This interactive module discusses security risks related to Internet of Things (IoT), how connected devices may be attacked, and steps for safe use of IoT.

This module will explore the basics of incident response and the first rules of keeping people and data safe. 4:49 minutes

We’ll look at best practices such as the U.S. government-approved NIST guidelines and review automation and access control concepts.

The United States imports and exports trillions of dollars’ worth of goods and services every year. This module covers the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, or...

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