TechGuard Recognized as One of the Largest Women-Owned Businesses in Greater Baltimore

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TechGuard Security has been officially recognized as one of the top 50 largest women-owned businesses in the Greater Baltimore Area by the Baltimore Business Journal. Out of the 50 women-owned businesses, TechGuard was ranked #26 on the distinguished business list.

We’re truly honored for this recognition, especially with the key emphasis on ‘women-owned business.’ TechGuard has really paved the way for women in the workplace, as well as women in the cybersecurity industry. We never want to lose that momentum,” – Carla Stone, President/CEO.

How TechGuard Grew to Be a Women-Owned Business Enterprise

The idea behind TechGuard began in early 2000. With the federal government going paperless and enterprises racing to have a presence on the Internet, our founders recognized the growing need for security and privacy of computer communications and formed TechGuard in a small basement office in direct response to Presidential Directive 63 to secure the US Critical Infrastructure. Their mission was to create proactive countermeasures to malicious network attacks through the deployment of industry-leading services and provide cutting-edge research and development of proactive security technology products – that mission continues to be upheld to this day and continues to provide world-class cybersecurity solutions to clients all over the world for over two decades.

TechGuard has continued to grow and thrive with our investors, employees, and TechGuard’s President/CEO, Carla Stone. She has built upon decades of leadership and business acumen to receive numerous professional accolades within the Defense Industry leading to her current position at TechGuard. Her leadership capabilities and work ethic continue to carry TechGuard through numerous achievements and successes today. And by her side for over a decade, Jennifer Coliny, VP of Operations, has ensured TechGuard attracts and retains top cyber talent with her expertise in HR and Talent Management. She’s the lead on achieving and maintaining certifications such as the ISO 9001:2015 while also supporting various sensitive/classified U.S. government missions, corporate cybersecurity initiatives, contracts, and operations.

To learn more about TechGuard or how to join our growing team, please visit our careers page for more information.