TechGuard Voted Best Cybersecurity Firm in St. Louis

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Earlier this year, TechGuard Security was included on the list of Best Cybersecurity Firms in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly (SBM). This list was part of SBM’s annual search for the very best businesses across multiple different categories. Once SBM obtained the lists of best businesses for each category, they began the final voting to determine which business would be crowned THE BEST in their respective categories for the 2020 Best in Business Awards. Competing with four other highly qualified and dignified finalists, TechGuard Security ultimately won and was recognized as The Best Cybersecurity Firm in St. Louis. 

More than 18,000 individuals voted in SBM’s annual reader survey, and the best companies were chosen in 19 different categories. TechGuard was also up for “Most Innovative Companies” and “Best IT Firm” in the St. Louis area. The winning businesses and top finalists will be featured in the 2020-2021 Business Owners’ Guide, SBM’s Book of Lists, that contains all BEST Lists from the past 12 months.  

Why is TechGuard the Best?   

TechGuard Security takes immense pride in protecting businesses of all sizes globally from cyberattacks and providing awareness of the current cyber threat landscape. Our holistic approach ensures our client’s unique organizational cybersecurity needs are exceedingly met. As opposed to security remaining a game of catch-up, our approach helps clients stay one step ahead of the hackers and the growing number of network threats.  

We’ve established a comprehensive suite of industry-leading, proactive countermeasures that work to prevent malicious network attacks before they even happen. These include Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, IT Security Controls Audits, Incident Response Planning, and more. For over two decades, TechGuard has delivered professional cybersecurity solutions to our valued clients as well as Fortune 500 businesses, all while proudly partnering with the government and private sectors. 

To learn more about TechGuard and how we can assist in better securing your business, contact us today at [email protected].