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Required Skills:

Human Geographer/Regional Analyst

Human Geography is the discipline based on analyzing the interconnections between people and places, including the spatial and temporal patterns of human activities in the context of the environment. Human Geographers develop and implement the processes to incorporate human geography data and analysis in order to expand the understanding of the human dimension impacting intelligence issues. They are a key component to NGA integrated work teams by promoting and enabling greater understanding and awareness of the cultural, linguistic, and human geography context within our foundational content. The Human Geographer/Regional Analyst shall provide direct support to GEOINT analysts engaged in in-depth GEOINT production, research, and ad-hoc projects, using multiple computer databases and special-source libraries. Human Geographers will use Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) technical skills, language skills, and potentially in-country intelligence experience to collect, analyze, and disseminate human geography context vital to warfighters, the Intelligence Community, and first responders. The Subcontractor shall work with other HG analysts and various Intelligence Community (IC) Agencies and Open Source Libraries to identify and acquire information/sources concerning cultural, socio-economic, political and topographic activities. Geospatial information from all available sources (open, academic, and classified sources in all formats) shall be identified, obtained, and exploited for all available “nuggets” of information. These services require experience with digital cartography, academic and classified databases, geographical information systems, cartographic and geospatial production techniques, remote sensing, photogrammetry and digital data formats. The services also require knowledge of cross- platform intelligence research tools such as, but are not limited to NES or its follow-on, TRIDENT and/or M3, PALANTIR, REMOTEVIEW, CIRAS, Voyager, RAS, Map Service Center catalog, and COLISEUM, & GEMINI. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Collect, maintain and integrate geospatial data to include HG data and analysis concerning a region of the world. Regions can be defined as a city, country, a continent or other areas of the earth’s surface with specified boundaries
  • Acquire, manage, and make available all geospatial derived HG data and raw data sources obtained for assigned area
  • Maintain a level of readiness (completeness, accuracy and currency) such that NGA geospatial products can be derived from searchable databases
  • Utilize the Geographic Names Database (GeoNet Names Server (GNS)) on all systems, integrating accepted geographic names (BGN standard) and the variants into HG datasets and analytic reports
  • Research, evaluate, and geospatially enable all human terrain foundation themes to be used for analysis
  • Utilize their understanding of the human geography themes, regional knowledge, and culture to create and provide current and relevant human geography and context analysis
  • Utilize their understanding of Imagery Analysis (IA) and Geospatial Analysis (GA) to maintain geospatial data on a regional basis
  • Obtain, exploit, and disseminate GEOINT data for the benefit of the NGA and IC
  • Create HG data from scratch, obtaining classified and open raw sources and using ArcGIS in order to integrate these raw data sources into new HG datasets
  • Analyze geospatial, imagery, and intelligence information to determine correlation between people and facilities using geospatial data and imagery, resulting in context analysis reporting
  • Work with leadership to determine which imagery and geospatial analysts would best benefit from the newly discovered data
  • Provide human geography “value-added-decision-advantage” information in the form of datasets and visualization products that result in the creation of NGA intelligence reports, including but not limited to NGA Intelligence Briefs (NIBs) and GEOINT Notes (GNs)
  • Provide human geography value–added–decision–advantage by adding depth to all intelligence reporting, predominantly NES baseline reports, but also including similar products such as NES remarks, etc.
  • Collaborate with other NGA analysts, image scientists, and other analysts throughout the NSG, IC, and the ASG
  • Create source packages for NGA map and digital products to be worked in-house and co- production
  • Conduct NGA product feasibilities (TLM’s, Feature data, and JOGAs)
  • Complete ad-hoc queries from S2 Program Managers and Mission Integrators
  • Work with Human Geographer in producing Geospatial Intelligence Base for Contingency Operations (GIBCO)
  • Work with Human Geographers in creating country assessments
  • Work closely with the NGA Government staff to make vital HG information over the critical assigned regions available through the Map of the World and other NGA services and products
  • The critical HG content mapped and visualized by Human Geographers will help NGA’s customers understand the socio-cultural aspects of the people living in the assigned regions, and the potential conflict dividing lines in those regions (lines such as ethnic, religious, political, cultural, or linguistic)
  • Work on projects that range from local studies to regional trends, and will work at a range of geographic scales and across time
  • Human Geographers will study the human presence in the assigned regions and look for patterns and activities within the context of the physical environment
  • Collect Guide to Number Features (GNF) data for Image City Maps (ICM)
  • Work with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), Google Earth, ESRI/ArcGIS Suite including ArcMap for creating, editing and processing geospatial data and ArcCatalog for data maintenance and metadata creation
  • Attend relevant HG working groups, tradecraft meetings and cultural/regional enrichment that deepen and enhance subject matter or technical expertise
  • Provide and create metadata to support structured observations in support the ODNI’s OBP initiatives



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