Vistage Special Offer

From one Vistage member to another, I understand the amount of work and dedication required to run a business. While we can’t make your job easier, we can offer peace of mind in the form of our trusted and proven cybersecurity solutions. Please reach out to learn more about a special offer just for fellow Vistage members.

– Carla Stone, President/CEO TechGuard Security



You want to ensure the security of your people, processes, and technology. Our Cybersecurity Plan helps you get there.

Our offering includes five foundational assessments with actionable timelines and steps to get you where you need to be.

      1. First, we’ll start regularly assessing your cybersecurity posture with Vulnerability Assessments. This will help you understand what vulnerabilities you face.
      2. Next, we implement a Security Awareness Training program that will work on your organization from the inside out. Employees are your greatest weakness, but they can become your greatest defense.
      3. Third, a Controls Audit will assess your compliance with controls that cover technical, administrative, and physical security
      4. Then, our Penetration Test will attempt to break through your defenses, physical, network, or both. We’ll present our findings so you get an in-depth understanding of your weak spots.
      5. Finally, an Incident Response Plan/Tabletop Exercise will guide you through creating, practicing, and refining your IR plan. You’ll be fully prepared and have the confidence to act in the event of a cyberattack.