Why TechGuard?

Think you have what it takes to be a TechGuardian®?

At TechGuard we protect critical infrastructures by providing revolutionary cyberspace solutions for government, businesses and most importantly, people.

Ask anyone at TechGuard why they joined the team and why they are still here; unanimously they will say “the people”. In fact, the foundation of our company’s success has always been our people, and each person, regardless of role, plays an integral part in our success.

Join us in our success and on our journey to be globally recognized as leading innovators of cyberspace technology and services for people of free nations.

What we do here

TechGuard was founded in 2000 to support National Cyber Defense and U.S. Critical Infrastructure Security initiatives. We have built a reputation as authoritative cybersecurity experts over the past 18 years, since the infancy of the cybersecurity field. Our award-winning “security first” approaches are delivered by highly trained specialists and built upon innovative research and development. We take cybersecurity beyond defense alone, implementing targeted offensive strategies to help our clients achieve their missions with confidence.