Our History

Founded in National Defense

TechGuard is an ISO 9001:2015-registered and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. TechGuard was founded to address national cyber-defense initiatives and US critical infrastructure security. We take a holistic approach to addressing critical cybersecurity issues.

Today, TechGuard is recognized for:

    •Thought Leadership across the industry

    •Our Mission-Focused team, a respected group of security and engineering professionals

    •Award-winning Cybersecurity Solutions through our innovative research and rapid development from concept to delivery

    •Industry leading Cyber Defense Contractor

    •Cybersecurity services and training for the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and US Intelligence as well as corporate businesses of all sizes and industries

Our History

In early 2000, our founders recognized a growing need for security and privacy of computer communications with the federal government going paperless and enterprises racing to have a presence on the ubiquitous Internet. Many organizations embraced the Internet with no thought of the vulnerabilities created by unprotected electronic access. And so, TechGuard was formed in direct response to Presidential Decision Directive 63 to secure the US Critical Infrastructure. Their mission was to create proactive countermeasures to malicious network attacks through the deployment of industry-leading services and provide cutting-edge research and development of proactive security technology products. As opposed to security remaining a game of catch-up, our approach would help clients stay one step ahead of the hackers and the growing number of network threats.

As a first step, TechGuard deployed a firewall platform to guard our own company network. The success of this platform led to the realization of TechGuard’s vision for future security solutions such as the Great Walls of Fire® and PoliWall® security product suite. In 2013 TechGuard’s products division became Bandura®, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TechGuard Security.

TechGuard Cybersecurity Services have been deployed for over two decades for the DoD and the intelligence community, and our disruptive technology and lab services now range from nanotechnology and artificial intelligence products to vulnerability research, malware analysis, and tool development. TechGuard has filed for over fifty patents that are issued or pending in the US and internationally. TechGuardians address the current challenges of cybersecurity and privacy, specifically the problems of information management, network vulnerabilities, firewall integrity and network security concerns created by e-commerce initiatives, global Internet connections, and cyber-terrorism.

Our Mission

From the smallest organization to the largest Government agency, our mission is to ensure people, processes and technology align with cybersecurity and compliance best practices, with a tailored holistic solution created specifically with your organization in mind.


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    Our Team

    Carla Stone

    Carla Stone

    President | CEO

    Andrea Johnson

    Andrea Johnson

    Chairman of the Board | COO
    Waylon Forgey

    Waylon Forgey

    Vice President of Cyber Operations

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