In today's dynamic and interconnected world, businesses confront an expanding range of risks, including cyber threats, data breaches, operational disruptions, and financial losses. To thrive in this environment, organizations require a robust and comprehensive risk management solution that enables them to effectively identify, assess, and mitigate potential hazards.


DEFEND360™ is a full-service cybersecurity solution that integrates proactive threat prevention with robust defense measures, delivering comprehensive protection for businesses and organizations.

Experience the TechGuard Difference

The TechGuard difference is more than just an approach; it’s a mindset that fosters a culture of risk awareness throughout your organization. Our program and resources are designed to educate your employees about risk management, empowering them to identify and report potential hazards. It's a partnership with a team of experienced risk management professionals who provide comprehensive support and training to ensure you get the most out of our services, making impactful changes to your organization.

Secure Your Organization's Future with TechGuard

For organizations seeking to effectively manage and mitigate risks, our knowledge and experience will help you navigate the complexities of the information security risk landscape with confidence, securing your organization's success in the face of ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges.


vCISO as a Service - Add executive-level guidance and oversight without making a hire. Ongoing support aligned with your security strategy and business objectives is included as a foundational element of our Information Security Program.

Information Security Program

Risk Management as a Service - An in-depth evaluation of your organization's security risks built for your needs. Develop a strategic action plan to fortify weaknesses in your organizational functions.

Unleash the Power of Proactive Risk Management:

TechGuard provides a centralized hub for identifying and assessing risks across your organization. Our many years of experience in the government and commercial cybersecurity space, combined with our tools, enable you to gather data from multiple sources, including incident reports, surveys, and the latest threats. This holistic view of your risk landscape empowers you to make informed decisions about resource allocation and risk mitigation strategies.

Transform Your Risk Management Approach:

With TechGuard, you can transform your risk management approach from reactive to proactive. Working with TechGuard Security enables you to:

Identify and assess risks: Uncover potential threats before they materialize. 

Prioritize risks: Focus your efforts on the risks that pose the greatest threat to your organization. 

Develop mitigation strategies: Implement effective plans to reduce the likelihood and impact of risks. 

Track progress and monitor effectiveness: Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your risk management strategies. 

Measure the effectiveness of your risk management efforts: Quantify the impact of your risk mitigation strategies. 

Make informed decisions: Use data to guide your risk management decisions.

Compliance as a Service - Understand and meet the requirements relevant to your industry, reducing the risk. Our experts help you navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance.

Vulnerability Scanning - Identify, assess, and mitigate vulnerabilities across your organization's digital landscape. Ensure that your systems, networks, and applications are resilient against cyber threats with industry-leading scanning and expert analysis.

Vendor Risk Management as a Service - Ensure that your supply chain isn’t the weak link in your security posture. We evaluate and mitigate risks associated with your third-party vendors.

Penetration Testing - Test configurations, defenses, and gain insight into attacks in a controlled environment. Our team of certified cybersecurity experts simulate sophisticated cyber-attacks, providing actionable insights and recommendations to fortify your cybersecurity posture.  

E-mail Security - Identify and quarantine emails with potential malware with Allow/Block Lists and prevent threats from domain impersonation, spoofing, and other misleading phishing attempts.

Web Application


Security Training and Awareness & Phishing Simulator

Wireless Access Point Assessment 

Physical Security Assessment

Cloud Assessment - Evaluate your cloud configurations and services for security best practices, ensuring your data remains protected across all cloud platforms.

Incident Response Planning & Tabletop Exercise - Fail to prepare; prepare to fail. Gain insight and identify opportunities to improve with simulated cybersecurity incidents. Enhanced readiness reduces the downtime and damage caused by a real-world incident.

Physical Device Penetration Testing - Our physical device penetration testing evaluates the security of devices against unauthorized access, data extraction, and other malicious activities. This service is essential for organizations that handle sensitive information through devices.

Encompassing security framework compliance, expansive training solutions, proactive assessments, and modular security solutions, Defend360™ secures your company’s networks, software, operations, policies, and people.

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