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Removable Media for Managers

This module will explain the risks associated with removable media and provide guidance on how managers can help employees use removable media securely. 8:26 minutes

Removable Media for Executives

This module covers safe use of removable media, types of attacks hackers launch from “lost” removable media and best practices for preventing infection from a malicious device. 8:21 minutes

Data Backup And Recovery (Video)

This module emphasizes the importance of data backup and recovery. 1:13 minutes

Locked Down (Lock Screens)

This micro-learning module emphasizes the importance of locking your screens. 0:35 minutes

Tailgating (Video)

This video explains the risks of tailgating, or when hackers gain physical access to restricted areas. It also details physical security best practices for your office or campus. 1:43 minutes

Dumpster Diving (Video)

This short, one-minute video outlines the risks improperly disposed printed material, technology and removable media can pose to an organization. 1:03 minutes

A Few Extra Seconds (Lock Screens)

Why you should use lock screens on your devices. 1:00 minutes

Loose Lips Sink Ships (Physical Security)

This video covers the risks of carrying out business outside of your facility. 1:00 minutes

One Person’s Trash... (Dumpster Diving)

This mini movie covers the consequences of failing to shred, burn, or properly dispose of sensitive physical documents. 1:00 minutes

IoT Security

This interactive module discusses security risks related to Internet of Things (IoT), how connected devices may be attacked, and steps for safe use of IoT.

Incident Response

This module will explore the basics of incident response and the first rules of keeping people and data safe. 4:49 minutes

Introduction to C-TPAT

The United States imports and exports trillions of dollars’ worth of goods and services every year. This module covers the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, or C-TPAT. 7:33 minutes

Physical Security for Managers

Managers have a responsibility to reinforce the importance of physical security in the office to keep data secure, and how to avoid theft and misuse of printed materials and unattended technology. 9:28 minutes

Physical Security for Executives

This module for executives covers methods for keeping physical records secure, secure record destruction, encryption and building access. 10:17 minutes

Data Retention

This module walks learners through common data retention plans, data types typically subject to data retention policies and secure data disposal considerations. 4:32 minutes

Data Destruction

This module reinforces the importance of secure data-disposal methods and shares best practices for disposal of sensitive data. 2:17 minutes

Software Licensing (Video)

This brief video covers the appropriate methods for installing and licensing software. 2:00 minutes

EAL Malware

This module teaches learners how to avoid falling victim to malware. 1:46 minutes

Appropriate Use of Software (Video)

In less than 60 seconds, this module covers how to legally use products of creative software. 0:58 minutes

Intellectual Property

This module covers important intellectual property protection mechanisms (patents, trademarks, and copyrights) and how they apply to various types of products, including software and digital media. 5:38 minutes

Intellectual Property Rights (Video)

This video covers the basics of US copyright and trademark laws. 1:45 minutes

Antivirus (Video)

This video details the threats antivirus software can and cannot mitigate. 0:47 minutes

Updates And Patches (Video)

This module covers the importance of regular software patches and updates, and also details how to avoid malicious updates from untrusted sources. 1:39 minutes

Secure Configuration

This awareness module covers concepts and best practices related to ensuring devices are configured securely. 8:49 minutes

Security Misconfiguration

In this module, we define security misconfiguration and offer tips on improving server security. 3:29 minutes

Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities

This module discusses use of components with known vulnerabilities that may undermine application defenses and enable various attacks. 3:29 minutes
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