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GDPR - Rights of the Data Subjects (Video)

This video explains the rights people have under GDPR when it comes to how their data is stored, processed, and destroyed 1:07 minutes

GDPR - Important Definitions (Video)

Brief lesson covers the particulars of how GDPR defines data and its uses. 1:58 minutes

GDPR - Consequences of Non-Compliance (Video)

This video covers the impact non-compliance with GDPR regulations can have on your organization. 1:28 minutes


The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) monitors the international business community to prevent bribes, kickbacks and other unacceptable practices when interacting with foreign officials. 9:34 minutes

Handling SSA Provided Information

This module will review federally-required practices for safely using and storing SSAprovided data, including best practices, review of applicable laws, and civil and criminal penalties for PII loss. 10:43 minutes

Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA)

The Electronic Funds Transfer Act covers what consumers and banks should do if there are fraudulent charges. 9:03 minutes

Privacy and PII Brief (India Localization)

This version of our core Privacy and PII training explains privacy and personally identifiable information (PII). This version is localized for India to include protecting Aadaar numbers. 4:57 minutes

Privacy and PII

Our Privacy and PII module defines privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and reinforces the importance of data security in the workplace. 11:31 minutes

Privacy Risks (Video)

This module covers the consequences of privacy violations for businesses. 1:53 minutes

Introduction to CCPA

This module is an introduction to the California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA. 9:50 minutes

Election Security

What can you do to prevent election fraud? More than you may think! In one short video, you’ll explore the dos and don’ts of ensuring a safe and secure election process. 3:55 minutes

Privacy for HR

This module will cover the basics of Personally-Identifiable Information security for human resources. 12:40 minutes

Privacy for Managers

This module will cover the basics of Personally-Identifiable Information security for managers. 11:24 minutes

Privacy for Executives.

This module will cover the basics of Personally-Identifiable Information security for executives. 10:44 minutes

Social Engineering for Managers

This module will explain the various social engineering methods hackers use, and teach managers how to work with staff to prevent data breaches and leaks. 7:53 minutes

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

This module explains how to recognize advanced persistent threats (APT), APT risks and common attack methods. 7:22 minutes

Help Desk

Our Help Desk module explains how hackers can exploit the trust between a helpdesk and its users through social engineering attacks. 5:00 minutes

Identity Theft

Introduces the concept of Identity Theft, common ways a person’s identity might be stolen, possible impact for an individual and an enterprise, and ways to protect your identity. 5:18 minutes

Save (Firewall)

This micro-learning module highlights the importance of using firewalls to protect your data 0:35 minutes

Score! (Encryption)

This module teaches how to prevent interception of your messages. 0:35 minutes

Safe Harbor (Safe Web Browsing)

How to browse the web safely. 0:35 minutes

Suspicious Hosts Assessment (Google) W/ Hints

This interactive module will test learners’ abilities to recognize suspicious hosts in a realistic website simulation. 0:30 minutes

Safe Use of Social Media (Video)

This short video covers the precautions you should take when making public posts on social media and provides guidance on how to spot harmful links. 1:35 minutes

Share Responsibly

This animated module covers the risks involved in oversharing information on social media. 1:51 minutes

Data Classification (Video)

This module discusses the importance of data security and how to classify data. 1:29 minutes

Personal Information (Video)

This module covers personally identifiable information and how to protect it online. 1:34 minutes
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