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Secure Data Storage (Video)

This module covers how to securely store personal data. 2:31 minutes

Improper Error Handling

Errors are a fact of life in any system. But what happens when an error report ends up revealing a weakness? Take a closer look at the problem of improper error handling. 3:26 minutes

Buffer Overflow

This module discusses the risks caused by buffer overflows and how to avoid them. 2:56 minutes

Acceptable Use Policy

When you start a new job or enroll in a new school, you’ll often be asked to review and sign an Acceptable Use Policy for the network. Let’s take a quick look at the purpose and contents of an AUP. 4:39 minutes

XML External Entitites (XXE)

This lesson covers how XXE attacks are executed, and how to prevent those attacks on your applications. 3:24 minutes

Insecure Deserialization

This module covers best practices for serialization - the process of turning data objects into binary streams of data. 4:06 minutes

Suspicious Hosts

Suspicious hosts are known malicious or potentially unsafe IP addresses or hostnames. This module will show how safe browsing can protect Internet users from malicious attacks from suspicious hosts. 3:50 minutes

Top 25 #1 - SQL Injection

This module discusses the risks of SQL injection attacks and how to prevent them. 2:20 minutes

OWASP A7 - Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

This module covers cross-site scripting. 4:18 minutes

OWASP A8 - Insecure Deserialization

This module covers insecure deserialization vulnerabilities in applications and how to prevent these flaws. 4:11 minutes

OWASP A5- Broken Access Control

This module covers broken access control, types of attacks and how to prevent them. 3:55 minutes

OWASP A3 - Sensitive Data Exposure

This module covers sensitive data and how to protect it. 5:31 minutes

OWASP A4 - XML External Entities (XXE)

This module covers XML external entities, their flaws and how to protect them. 4:40 minutes

OWASP A2 - Broken Authentication

This module covers authentication vulnerabilities and session management. 6:05 minutes

OWASP A1 - Injection

This module covers various types of injection and the associated risks to applications 4:35 minutes

OWASP Top Ten Overview

This module will cover the Open Web Application Security Project’s list of the ten most dangerous Web application security flaws. 36:10 minutes


This module covers the provisions of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), when an organization is subject to COPPA requirements, and how to ensure compliance with COPPA provisions. 6:11 minutes

CPNI for Consumers

This security and awareness training covers Customer Proprietary Network Information, or CPNI. 7:20 minutes

Safe Web Browsing for Executives

This module will explain safe browsing best practices and provide guidance on how executives can work with IT and managers to implement and enforce safe-browsing policies. 11:32 minutes

Safe Web Browsing for Managers

This module shows managers how hackers launch attacks from unsafe websites and reinforces the need for managerial reinforcement of internal safe-browsing policies. 11:47 minutes

EAL Browser Event

This module teaches users how to browse the web safely. 2:34 minutes

Sensitive Data Exposure

Our Sensitive Data Exposure module outlines the common risks of mishandled personal information. 3:47 minutes

Public Networks and Computers

This training module will teach learners how to limit security risks while using public networks and computers. 4:14 minutes

Spoofed Email Address

Learn the warning signs for spoofed emails. 0:37 minutes

Better Together (Two Factor Authentication)

This micro-learning module explains two-factor authentication in a delicious way! 0:35 minutes

Secure Password Storage (Video)

This short video introduces methods employees can use to store passwords securely. Topics include physical security and password storage applications. 1:05 minutes
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