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Underprotected APIs

This module defines underprotected application programming interfaces (APIs), explains why API security is important and discusses common attack methods and mitigation strategies. 2:54 minutes


Spearphishing occurs when phishing messages are tailored for targeted individuals. This interactive module will help teams identify and avoid spearphishing attempts.

2:40 minutes

Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering module teaches a three-step method to add clarity to a confusing conversation, challenge the other person’s identity and verify suspicious requests. 12:54 minutes

Removable Media and PHI

This module details best practices healthcare professionals can follow to safeguard protected health information and avoid infection from removable media. 8:26 minutes

Privacy & EU GDPR

In this module, we review the main goals and objectives of the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). 15:22 minutes


This module is an abbreviated version of our core PCI-DSS training. It outlines the six main goals of the PCI-DSS, common threats and best practices for handling credit card data. 11:44 minutes

Password Security Brief

This module will summarize the best practices associated with creating and managing strong passwords, how to safely store passwords and what to do if you suspect that a password has been compromised. 3:59 minutes

Password Security

Our interactive Password Security module shows learners how to create complex, but easy-to-remember, passwords following best practices for password creation. 21:16 minutes


This interactive module defines malware in common terms, details the dangers it poses to organizations, and discusses preventative actions. 17:01 minutes

Insider Threats

Insider threats include security threats posed by employees, contractors or vendors. This module provides examples of common behaviors that can be indicators of insider threats. 3:46 minutes


Injection is one of the most common, and harmful, security risks to web applications. This module details different types of injection and suggests effective mitigation strategies for the workplace. 4:25 minutes


This module explains the encryption process and types of assets that can be encrypted and reinforces the importance of following encryption-related policies to protect sensitive information. 6:14 minutes

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Cross-site scripting (XXS) allows attackers to run scripts in a victim’s browser to bypass access controls. In this module, we explain three types of XSS attacks and suggest XXS prevention measures. 3:35 minutes

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

In this module, we’ll review common exploitation techniques and ways learners can protect applications from cross-site request forgery. 3:16 minutes

Cloud Services

This module will define the cloud and different types of cloud services available, and explain the benefits and risks of cloud-based services. 6:53 minutes

Broken Authentication and Session Management

This module describes what incorrect implementation of authentication and session management functions are, and explains how it can allow attackers to assume other users’ identities. 4:39  minutes

Broken Access Control

This module covers broken access control, types of attacks and how to prevent them. 3:00 minutes
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