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Check Yourself (BEC)

This module emphasizes the need to verify wire transfers. 1:00 minutes

H@ckj0b Season 1 Episode 1 “Recon”

h@ckj0b is your security team’s worst nightmare come to life. Will TechniCorp Dynamix survive Vermintooth’s assault, or will Tim leave them to deal with the mess they’ve gotten themselves into? 5:28 minutes

Every Step You Take (Mentoring)

After you’ve learned good security practices, you should share your knowledge with others. 0:35 minutes

Double Check (Verifying Wire Transfers)

This micro-learning module emphasizes the importance of verifying wire transfers. 0:35 minutes

Knowledge Is Power (Security Training)

Security training should be a part of your daily life. 0:35 minutes

Identifying Social Engineering (Video)

This brief overview covers the hallmarks of social engineering attacks and how to prevent them. 1:29 minutes

Social Engineering Defenses (Video)

This brief video shows you how to recognize and prevent social engineering attacks. 1:31 minutes

Who Can You Trust? (Social Engineering)

This video highlights the risks of disclosing patient information without first verifying requester identity. 1:00 minutes

GDPR for Data Processors

This security awareness training covers privacy and EU General Data Protection Regulation for data processors. 11:08 minutes

GDPR for Managers

This security awareness training covers Privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation for Executives. 14:53 minutes

GDPR - Breach Notification (Video)

This brief video covers the next steps for an organization should a breach occur. 1:43 minutes

GDPR for Executives

This security awareness training covers Privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation for Executives. 14:37 minutes

GDPR - What is GDPR? (Video)

A high level overview of the origin and aims of the General Data Protection Regulations 2:01 minutes

GDPR - Rights of the Data Subjects (Video)

This video explains the rights people have under GDPR when it comes to how their data is stored, processed, and destroyed 1:07 minutes

GDPR - Important Definitions (Video)

Brief lesson covers the particulars of how GDPR defines data and its uses. 1:58 minutes

GDPR - Consequences of Non-Compliance (Video)

This video covers the impact non-compliance with GDPR regulations can have on your organization. 1:28 minutes

CJIS Security Policy

This module provides a detailed explanation of Criminal Justice Information Security (CJIS) policy requirements, who must comply with CJIS policy and how to respond to incidents involving CJI. 5:26 minutes

CJIS: Handling CJI

This module defines criminal justice information (CJI), the protocols required to access and handle CJI and the consequences of noncompliance. 9:02 minutes

Protecting Federal Tax Information

This module provides an overview of federal tax information (FTI), outlines penalties for unauthorized disclosure, and best practices for avoiding unauthorized disclosure. 8:06 minutes


The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) monitors the international business community to prevent bribes, kickbacks and other unacceptable practices when interacting with foreign officials. 9:34 minutes

Handling SSA Provided Information

This module will review federally-required practices for safely using and storing SSAprovided data, including best practices, review of applicable laws, and civil and criminal penalties for PII loss. 10:43 minutes

Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA)

The Electronic Funds Transfer Act covers what consumers and banks should do if there are fraudulent charges. 9:03 minutes

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)

This module covers The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), a law enacted to combat major, large-scale corporate and accounting fraud. 4:56 minutes

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)

This module will define the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), explain its purpose and detail the consequences of non-compliance. 6:25 minutes

Privacy and PII Brief (India Localization)

This version of our core Privacy and PII training explains privacy and personally identifiable information (PII). This version is localized for India to include protecting Aadaar numbers. 4:57 minutes

Privacy and PII

Our Privacy and PII module defines privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and reinforces the importance of data security in the workplace. 11:31 minutes
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