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Our Partner Program was designed to empower organizations just like yours to meet the growing security needs of customers without the risk of additional overhead costs. A partnership with TechGuard means that your organization will be well-equipped to promote and sell our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions to your customers. We also provide unmatched support through our sales, marketing, and technical teams in your efforts to secure client networks.

TechGuard Security provides unrivaled cyber solutions that are invaluable to businesses. When you partner with TechGuard, you provide peace of mind to your customers by reducing their risk of a data breach, streamlining compliance efforts, and mitigating financial loss. Our partner program is flexible enough to meet your needs while also maintaining steady support so you can focus on your customers.



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TechGuard Services

Penetration Testing

The process of identifying security gaps in your IT infrastructure by mimicking a real-world attacker.

Vulnerability Assessments

The testing process used to identify, quantify and rank security vulnerabilities in a computing environment.

Security Awareness Training

A formal, educational process that trains employees to recognize and respond to sophisticated cyberattacks.

Incident Response Planning

A collection of processes and procedures that outline how an organization will respond when a cybersecurity incident occurs.

IT Security Controls Assessment

Consists of a comprehensive review of your technical and non-technical controls.

Social Engineering Exercises

Uses deception to manipulate employees into divulging confidential or personal information to test their security awareness.

Partner Program Benefits

Dynamic Sales Training

Competitive Partner Pricing and SPIFFs

Deal Registration

Marketing Materials

Drive Additional Revenue

Create Stickier Clients

Next Steps



Organizations interested in a partnership with TechGuard can simply apply through the form below. Our channel team will then reach out to answer any questions, align expectations, and discuss next steps.


Once the partnership is accepted, the onboarding process begins. This consists of your channel sales rep providing access to sales & marketing collateral, accounting setup, operational support, and scheduling a partnership kick-off call.


Initiated by the kick-off meeting, your channel sales rep will enable your team to understand the services and benefits available to you. This includes sales enablement training to understand how to sell the services, how to quote the services, and how to place orders. During the timeframe, our goal is to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with the services.


In conjunction with the enablement step, we will build out a clear path of how we go to market together. We will have defined our objectives, goals, and expectations to deliver the services to your customers.


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