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Mobile Security for Healthcare Professionals

This security awareness module covers best practices for healthcare professionals to ensure HIPAA compliance when using mobile devices to store or access protected health information. 7:02 minutes

Mobile Security for Managers

This module will explain the risks of mobile devices and public networks in detail, and provide guidance on how managers can work with their teams to keep sensitive data secure. 7:03 minutes

Mobile Security for Executives

In this module, we review the risks of conducting business on mobile devices and public networks, and share best practices for working remotely at home and abroad. 6:05 minutes

WORKed Episode 11: X-Men

Welcome to the danger room. Danger conference room, really. Teach your employees about the importance of mobile security with this WORKed training module. 2:44 minutes

Securing Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are often used for both personal and business applications. This demands a different approach to information security than traditional workplace solutions. 2:23 minutes

Protecting Mobile Devices

This video covers the steps you can take to protect your device from prying eyes and theft. Topics include screen locks, encryption and frequent software and firmware updates.


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